Fee Structure

Horizon HR offers some of the best competitive rates in the HR consultancy industry simply because we know what works best for you.
Retainer Fee

Following a comprehensive discussion with you about your business HR needs, Horizon HR will propose a monthly retainer fee. This retainer fee will allow you and your managers’ direct access to our HR professional consulting service by phone or email with unlimited uncapped access.


You won’t have to worry about accumulated costs or how many calls or emails you and your managers make as it will already be covered. The other great aspect of this retainer fee is that you are not committed to a fixed term and you can stop the service whenever you like.

Fee for Service

If you are not sure if a retainer fee is the best option for you then you can simply pay a fee when you require advice by phone or email. Horizon HR offers some of the best competitive rates found anywhere in the HR consultancy industry so you will always feel that you are receiving great value for your money combined with an exceptional quality service.

Additional Services

Where you require more than advice over the telephone or by email, for example, drafting of documents, investigations or advocacy work then we will discuss your requirements with you before commencing any payable work.


In fact you will receive a ‘scope of work’ which will clearly outline the minimum and maximum amounts you will be expected to pay for the agreed service.