Our Expertise

Horizon HR offers more than just an HR consultancy service. By working together and striving to align your HR processes to your business objectives, Horizon HR will help you create a working culture of excellence.
Employee Relations

Installing the right type of culture in the workplace is a dream on the horizon many employers never reach. Horizon HR can deliver the reality of that dream.


Horizon HR will guide you and your managers in how to become great leaders and managers. No matter where you feel your culture lies currently, Horizon HR will help you retain your top performers and establish a culture of excellence.     


Managing poor performance is widely becoming one of the most difficult issues employers must deal with. Whatever the reason for poor performance you will be dealing with an unproductive and sometimes disruptive employee. Many employers get to the point where they feel that they will never see an improvement in performance but Horizon HR can help. We will manage the process to either bring about improvement or termination of employment. 


Fair Work Advocacy

Horizon HR can represent you if you are faced with the daunting challenge of Unfair Dismissal or a General Protection claim.


With their team of consultant specialists and legal representatives, Horizon HR will remove the burden of dealing with such complex and complicated matters and you won't even need to be there when it happens.  



Conducting serious misconduct investigations or managing grievance complaints can be a headache for all managers.


You also need to be aware that there are many technical issues you must get right in order to avoid a decision from Fair Work that could be deemed to be harsh, unjust or unreasonable. Let the professionals at Horizon HR manage your complicated investigations.

Industrial Relations

Horizon HR can provide you with all your Industrial Relations needs from drafting of contracts of employment to negotiating complex Enterprise Bargaining Agreements.


Horizon HR will ensure you are compliant with either Federal or State legislation and will provide up to date Award interpretation. 


Horizon HR offers a variety of training topics which can either be delivered at your workplace or at one of our venues.


We offer practical training on topics such as dealing with poor performance, how to conduct workplace disciplinary investigations and how to avoid bullying, harassment and discrimination in the workplace.